safe the planet


"We deal with the world,

like we have a second in the trunk."

- Jane Fonda -

In today's fast paced world, the existence of many of us is shaped by consumption. Everything has to be available - now and immediately, it must cost as little as possible and yet it must bring as much profit as possible. These extreme attitudes usually have the big disadvantage that one particular party gets left behind - our environment, our nature, our earth. Therefore, our long-term goal is to make tourism in the Spreewald, step by step, more sustainable.


We have already implemented the following goals:

  • 100% electricity from ecological energy sources (since 2011), Avoidance of approx. 43.2 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year

  • no plastic bags on sale (since 2018)

  • own solar energy production (since 2010)

  • mainly distribution of local products

  • do not enlarge own "boat rental fleet" (since 2015)

  • supporters of the community foundation "Kulturlandschaft Spreewald" (since 2018), donations for the foundation can be made directly at our reception

  • minimize water consumption (special dishwashers and taps), dishwasher from easy be (since 2019)

  • electric utility vehicle for campsite (since 2019)

  • official partner of the biosphere reserve Spreewald with our boat rental (since 2019), the entire company is based on the guidelines


We still have the following goals:

  • solar charging station electric vehicles

  • further solar systems (self-sufficient existence)

  • rental of electric vehicles

Let us work together to ensure that future generations can enjoy our Spreewald.



"Am Schlosspark"

Schloßbezirk 20

03222 Lübbenau

Phone: (+49) 3542 3533


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monday - sunday

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