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Our bakery


In our bakery we bake fresh rolls for you from Monday to Sunday. Our baker has daily (April - October) from7.00 - 10.00 a.mropen. You will find him in the center of our campsite.

In addition to your ordered rolls, there are various coffee specialties available to you every morning.You are also welcome to receive a full camper breakfast if you wish.

We offer the following types of bread:

  • Wheat roll (helle)

  • grain rolls

  • rye bun

  • whole-grain bread rolls

For all "sweets" we have butter and chocolate croissants. We also have for you in the offer:  Wood-fired oven bread (775 g) and pumpkin seed bread (530 g). YUMMY!

We ask you all rolls/bread/sweet parts/breakfasts a day before to order (in the reception or in the bakery), because we bake according to the number.#nowaste

Thank you!

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