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The waters of the Spreewald biosphere reserve offer numerous fish species a home. Regardless of whether Eel, ide, perch, barbel, carp, zander, pike, asp, tench, burbot or catfish - diversity is definitely required. 

You must meet the following requirements, with it Your in Biosphere Reserve may fish: 

  • Fishing only with a valid fishing license
    (Fresh or predatory fish ticket for €5.00/10.00 per day or €20.00/30.00 per week)

  • Predator cards only available to fishing license holders

  • Fishing license only permitted for certain waters/flows

  • Fishing tax stamp for the state of Brandenburg (currently €12.00 annual fee) also required

Of course you can get fishing licenses and tax stamps from us at reception, as well as maps of the approved fishing areas.

PS: Did you know that you can fish directly from the campsite? Not in all places, but it is permitted in the main Spree.

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