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Camping während der Corona-Pandemie

A prospect of the camping year 2021.


We receive many questions every day about how a camping holiday can be implemented at the moment and what happens if it is not possible to travel there. Therefore we have summarized all common questions and answers here again.

We ask you to note that all information / guidelines listed here were created in accordance with the latest state of knowledge and official hygiene requirements and can always change in the future. Please always inform yourself about the current status before arrival.

Are you open? And are the sanitary buildings open?

We are currently closed. It is based on the current SARS-CoV-2 containment ordinance (6th SARS-CoV-2-EindV) of the state of Brandenburg.

At the moment, we cannot give any predictions as to when camping operations will resume and / or whether the sanitary buildings will be open from the start.

As soon as we get precise information from politics, we will share it with you as soon as possible.

What if I have booked but am not allowed to arrive? (sick with corona, hotspot etc.)

If you are in quarantine on the day of arrival, or if you are not allowed to enter Brandenburg / Lübbenau etc. for current reasons to contain the SARS-CoV-2, we will cancel your booking free of charge or rebook you in another possible period. Both variants can only be implemented if you inform us in writing of your situation (obligation to provide evidence).

In the event of a no-show without confirmation, our cancellation conditions will be applied (see terms and conditions).

What rules of conduct apply on your campsite?

Arrival in general:

Spontaneous arrivals are hardly possible and theoretically not permitted due to the high demand / high booking situation (why? You can find the answer in the BVCD information sheet).

Furthermore, we want to minimize additional work for you and us (through constant rebooking, cancellation, etc.) and therefore do not accept any new group reservations for 2021 (regardless of whether it is WW / WM, tents or houses).

Arrival WW / WM:

Our plots can only be occupied by one household. To all parties who have already booked with us and are standing together with another party, please contact us. We have to rebook you to two places if possible.

Arrival tents:

Due to the current situation, our tent fields can only be occupied by about 60%, so free capacities are exhausted even faster than usual. Please reserve your parking space in advance, even if you would arrive by bike or kayak / canoe. In addition, the places on the tent meadows cannot currently be selected independently (for the purpose of traceability, etc.).

Arrival 'Kanuheim':

The occupancy of our canoe home is (probably) possible, but it is subject to special conditions. You can find them in this PDF file. The document must be completely filled out on arrival. There will be no handover of the keys without a fully completed form.

The following hygiene rules must be observed by all guests with immediate effect:

  1. Nose and mouth masks (type: FFP2) must be worn in all buildings -> MASKING REQUIRED (i.e. in the reception, bakery, sanitary building, boat rental, washing-up area, etc.) but also in areas under the open sky where the minimum distance cannot be maintained (e.g. supply and disposal station, boat delivery, etc.)

  2. all parties with their own sanitary facilities on board are obliged to use them as a priority

  3. Oral hygiene should primarily be carried out on parking spaces

  4. Bring your own pen for signing in the reception

  5. Always keep the minimum distance of 1.5m to people who do not belong to your household (even if the person belongs to your relatives)

  6. Always disinfect hands before entering the reception & sanitary building (dispensers are available)

  7. Current contact restrictions also apply on our premises (no group reservations possible + allocation of the parcels only with one household)

  8. Sitting together at campfires, blackboards, etc. is only permitted in compliance with the distance rules (distance and hygiene rules are also checked by us and the health department on our premises)

  9. Registration and deregistration, purchase of bread rolls etc. can only be done by one person per travel unit

  10. Adhere to the sneeze-cough etiquette (crook of your arm)

  11. our playground is open, but may only be visited when accompanied by a legal guardian (compliance with the distance rules also applies here)

  12. Please do not come if you feel sick - go to the doctor and get a certificate so we can release you from the cancellation fees OR leave sooner if you feel sick #no risk

We all have to stick together now and keep it!

Because if one of our employees should become infected, we have to shut down the company and everyone leaves. You don't want that and neither do we.

So think of your masks, kullis and shape the hygiene measures g


Wir wurden am 25.2.2021 mit dem Siegel „Gastfreundschaft mit Verantwortung in Brandenburg“ ausgezeichnet.


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