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The first have already ended their 2022 camping season, others are still busy with their caravan, mobile home or tent. At this point we would like to thank all our guests in 2022. If we were to draw a conclusion from all the ratings from 2022, SERVICE, CLEANLINESS & LOCATION/QUIET/NATURE would be at the top of the praise list. These three characteristics are the basis on which our company rests. We are therefore very pleased that you appreciate it so much. And many of you are already thinking about next year and booking the upcoming camping holiday.

One or the other has already noticed in his offer for 2023 that we have raised the prices - by approx. 36% - some asked us why, others it is completely conclusive. We want to make it very clear to you why:

In the coming year there will be price increases in a wide variety of areas, which we will of course have to take into account in our calculations.

  • rising labor costs +20%

  • Rising inflation +10% (everything necessary for the operation is affected, e.g. lease, procurement of building materials, cleaning agents, food, etc.)

  • and then the area of ​​energy costs, water, waste water, etc. (currently it is not realistic to estimate where we will end up)

We want to be completely honest with you: We can only publish the final prices for 2023 at the end of March, when we are through with this winter. Therefore we cannot guarantee the provisional prices for 2023 (it may also be lower).

In order to be able to continue our operations as usual in a very service-oriented manner and not to become a vending machine campsite or a simple parking space with a good location, we have to adjust the prices accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding,

Thomas & Lisa Rähm


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