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Eure Fragen - unsere Antworten

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  • Why are tents not allowed to camp on your pitches? And why aren't we allowed to slide & lay out carpets?
    Every camper is happy about a green lawn. Because without this rule, it looks like this after a stay with a tent or carpet/foil on the plot ...
  • How much does camping cost you? How can I pay you?
    You can find our price list here. Just add up the items that concern you. We do not have high and low season prices as we are open all year round and the campsite can be used equally at any time. Tip: Always reserve from Easter to the end of October, we are very busy. We always pay on site, no down payments are due in advance. We accept cash and EC payments at reception.
  • Can I arrive before 2 p.m.?
    No, Arrivals are only possible from 2 p.m.. We leave by 11 a.m. and we need the time until 2 p.m. to take care of the grounds - mowing, watering, repairs, etc.
  • Do you have room for a night at the weekend?
    We generally do not accept reservations for only one night at the weekend for various reasons. On the one hand, we are always very busy on the weekends and there are only rarely free places for just one night, on the other hand, we try not to unnecessarily increase motorized movement on our campsite for the busier weekend.
  • Why can't I reserve in advance by phone?
    We do not accept telephone reservations. You can only reserve with us in writing using our booking form. If we have free capacity for you, you will then receive an e-mail with our offer for you. In this way, each party has something in writing in case uncertainties arise.
  • Why should I change my place if I want to stay longer than 7 nights?"
    In the case of longer stays, it is necessary to change pitches after about half the length of your stay. Give the lawn a chance! Our mission: A green campsite for all guests.
  • Can I spontaneously extend my stay ?
    It is only possible in consultation with the reception, because it depends on the booking situation.
  • Can I camp with you if I'm not yet of legal age?"
    It's possible. However, the seat reservation must be made by one of your legal guardians, with a note that it is for you. When you arrive, a legal guardian must bring you personally and a declaration of liability will be filled out on site. Holidays without parents are only possible from the age of 14.
  • When are there the most mosquitoes?
    A very clear answer: Mosquitoes do not exist at certain times of the year. The mosquito population in the Spreewald depends on the weather. If it's been very dry for a long time and there's no standing water, we don't have any mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes do not lay their eggs in the flowing Spree, but in standing water (puddles, damp meadows, etc.). Only when it has rained for several days, standing water has formed and hot days follow the rainy days is there a chance that there are mosquitoes.
  • What happens in the event of damage caused by forces of nature?
    We are a nature campsite, which means we exist in harmony with nature. So that you can enjoy it to the fullest and don't have to expect any nasty surprises in "Schiet" weather, the tree care team comes to us every year and trims all the trees. Nevertheless, it can always happen that unforeseeable things happen - force majeure. In these cases, please contact your insurance company, we will be happy to write you a letter with confirmation of your stay and claims history.
  • Can I have a barbecue or make a campfire with you?
    Yes, both are permitted provided that we do not have forest fire warning level 4 or higher. We also reserve the right to "ban" both, regardless of the forest fire warning level, based on our personal assessment of the situation on the site. Please understand, because fire protection should interest us all. Note: Campfires on the plots are only possible in our own fire bowls, as these have heat protection for our lawn grid. In addition, your grills must "have legs", i.e. the heat source must be at least 50cm from the ground.
  • What bathing opportunities are there at the campsite?
    There is no bathing area on our premises. The nearest leisure pool is less than 10 minutes away by car (Spreeweltenbad Lübbenau), the nearest bathing lake is the Hindenberger See (our sister campsite is also located there).
  • Can you fish in the Spree?
    Of course! This is possible under certain conditions, you can find more information here.
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